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The Method


A toothless production team hires a trendy young pretty boy, barely an actor, to star in classic Soviet director's latest film, to play a role of a lifetime, a one he never was meant to play: that of a gruesome serial killer. Powerless before the might of bureaucracy, the veteran cinematographer will have to turn the stuck-up kid into a proper actor in record time, or have the money-making face quit all together; whichever one it will be, he knows just what he needs to put the young one through to get him there...

Our Review

The Method by Jackson Martini is an astounding film about a director who chooses himself to be the aggressive mentor of a spoiled teenage actor, and takes to stern measures to reform the actor. Every aspect of this film is sculpted, the cinematography, the writing, the editing, the camera direction, all to be topped off with excellent dialogues and even more excellent acting. The characters are so strongly established from the beginning, and they arc so well towards the end. An overall fantastic watch!!

Director Biography - Jackson Martini

Jackson Martini (Evgenii Galkin) was born in Moscow, and is of Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish descent, a direct descendant of Russian Biryukov noble family, particularly of Pavel Biryukov who was a close friend and a personal biographer of Leo Tolstoy.

"I feel like coming from a family with such close ties to the greatest genius of Russian dramatic literature certainly shaped my own understanding of what my own life as a part of that family could lead me to become. I probably was always destined to be some kind of an author of something, I feel I would have been a real sad panda without this in my life..."

At the age of 17 immigrated to Czech Republic to study Finance under his parents' provision, however continued to follow his true passion in filmmaking producing various independent works. This passion led to his later immigration to the United States at the age of 21 to pursue a degree in Film Production in American University, and, later (and as of right now) in Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

Before his immigration to the United States, his Russia-based production company, Zellmonn Company, produced and published a number of short films, fake trailers and music videos on their YouTube channel. Since 2019 Zellmonn Company has worked closely with one of the biggest TV and internet celebrities in Russia, an opposition-leaning historian by the name of Evgenii Ponasenkov. This cooperation employed Jackson and his colleagues to work on numerous projects, most notably on an interview with the greatest opera singer of all time, Placido Domingo, which was conducted in 2021 in the Bolshoi theater.

Director Statement

With this movie, I pay homage to the writings of the Great Stanislavsky in a both suspenseful and surrealistic way, while also employing some of the most dedicated bearers of his System in the leading roles.



• Director/Writer: Jackson Martini

• Producers:

• Svetlana Shtefan

• Nick White

• Assistant Director: Danny Krylov

• Sound Design: Alexander Chernavsky


• Key Cast:

• Viktor Skobelev - Yuriy Grigorev

• Known for: Good Night Kids!, Guest from the Future, Zhenatyy Kholostyak, Pogovorim brat

• Dmitry Rumyantsev - Georgiy Diyevskiy

• Known for: Dykhaniye Myortvogo Lesa

• Yuri Kazakov - Greg Steers

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