The other Anna (Screenplay)

Anna is getting ready for her date with Josh. Everything is fine until Josh decided to push Anna to have sex. Anna is unable to come to terms with what happen to her. Its because of this a projection of Anna follows her around crying because the real Anna cannot accept what happened to her. Does Anna report this or does the other Anna continue to follow her?

Writer Biography

Natalia Ortiz-Medaglia was born in Elmhurst, New York, she is of Colombian, Puerto Rican decent. She graduated from Hunter College in May 2020, with a Bachelor's in Film and a minor in film history. Natalia works as an assistant director, grip, editor, production assistant and is an aspiring director.


  • Project Type: Screenplay, Short Script

  • Number of Pages: 11

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: Yes

  • Student Project: No

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