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the Robot Actor (Short Film Screenplay)


In an era where charisma is coded and fame is automated, Drake, an ousted human star, defiantly challenges the status quo. In his crosshairs, Jay - the industry's top android actor, straining under the relentless glare of the spotlight. Their gripping confrontation unfolds an intriguing drama of ambition, identity, and the relentless toll of ceaseless fame.

Writer Biography - Sara Mousavi Gourabi

A passionate storyteller from a young age, I developed my own screenplays, directing one myself. I gained valuable theater experience as a stage secretary and assistant director. My minimal stories published book showcases my love for the written word. Currently, I enjoy my work as a documentary editor.

Writer Statement

As a dedicated writer, filmmaker, and theater enthusiast, I have always found immense joy in storytelling. With experiences that range from directing my own screenplay to working in theater and editing documentaries, I am committed to creating engaging narratives that captivate and inspire. I look forward to continuing my journey, constantly learning and creating more compelling stories for the world to enjoy.

Our Review

Drake is a fifty year old actor whose hay days are over and who belongs to the era of human actors. He was not given opportunities as robot actors had overtaken the arena.

Jay, a robot, was 32 years old and very attractive actor with black hair and amber eyes.He had won his 5 th Oscar and was living in luxury and opulence.

Drake meets Jay in his hotel to voice his protest over his acting and attacks him suddenly. He ends up dead as a mishap.

The court rules in favour of Drake and orders Jay to be destroyed to fifty years of silence.

If it were made into a short story it would be one with more sad emotions. A brooding, erstwhile successful actor, getting killed accidentally. It could be the victory of human effort over machine, though. This seems to be the scenario everywhere, sadly. A well written script.

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