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Vax Effect (Short Film Screenplay)


People are getting vaccinated during the pandemic, but some people refuse to get the vaccine and are faced with the consequence of being an outcast from society, others are forced to get the vaccine in order not to lose their job. Some years have passed and the vax effects are visible. The vaccinated people are much older than they are supposed to be, many are bitter or gave up on life, but some seek revenge..

Our Review:

Boy, are you kidding? I’m three shots down and you leave me freaking screaming within… With all those hypothetical theories that revolve around the vaccination, this script is simply an earth quake. It totally shakes one from top to bottom. And I’m now curious to know what it turns out in the coming years…This script will make an excellent short film. This screenplay and the sequencing are well placed. Overall a great script to read!

Writer Biography - Diana Chemeris

Diana Chemeris was born in Russia and raised in Greece. She studied Music Arts in Music School of Greece, attended Creative Writing classes and got her BA in Media and Film Productions from Queen Margaret University. She followed the industry of fashion around the world as a model. Her passion in creating gave her a voice. Her creations, movies, scripts and essays tend to speak about the inner needs of human feelings and uncomfortable circumstances of reality that someone may encounter. Filmography: In Silance (2017) 4’ MANA (2017) 5’ Meditive. (2017) 5’ ΔΕΣΜΙΟΣ / Captive (2018) 5΄ MasqeD (2018) 5’ Δ-Εμμονή - D-Obsession (2019) 10’ Regression (2020) 5' stuck (2020) 5' closet (2021) 6' Fall in Love with a Yogi (Documentary 2021) 18" D-Emotion (Feature Script 2022)

Writer Statement

In this dystopian society we leave in, for sure there gonna be some side effects. We cannot refuse the posibility of a more dystiopian future that lays upon us through our desicions and obedience. "Vax Effects" even imaginary, lays one posibillity of the outcome.


  • Diana Chemeris Writer D-Obsession, Closet, Double, Fall in Love with a Yogi, Regression, stuck, Meditive, MasqeD, Captive, D-Emotion,


  • Project Type: Short Script

  • Number of Pages: 12

  • Country of Origin: Greece

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: Yes

  • Student Project: No

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