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Welcome To The Neighborhood (Short Film Screenplay)


A lesbian couple fear for their safety when a group of men show up outside their home at night, only to discover their intentions are not what they seem.

Our Review:

Don’t judge a book by its cover. This goes well for “welcome to the neighbourhood”. Kate’s suspicion from the start is justified for what they often face or come across. Faith is full of faith about anything & everything. Kate is quite conscious of what’s going around and is over protective at the same time alert and watchful. Kate is a strong character who is quite responsive but not precipitant. The soft natured Faith is the one who shocks us with her hasty & aggressive reaction when she is threatened by her sons safety. This script will make a good short film. It has a good plot, characters in place, good narrative, suspenseful & tight grip ending.

Written by

George Covic


Project Type:Short Script

Number of Pages:13

Country of Origin:United States


First-time Screenwriter:Yes

Student Project:No

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