Fuel (Short film screenplay)


A frustrated writer accidentally finds inspiration for his writing process.

Our Review:

Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs and everyone seeks motivation at some point in life. Life doesn’t take us in the way we want it to go. And the struggle for those is creative field is even more challenging. Self confidence can make one see beyond his or her failures. It is infectious and gives positivity to one self and others. 'Gotta put one foot in the front of the other to get somewhere' is a very powerful quote and that's the kind of positivity the rubs off and its up on each one of us to ponder on it. Fuel is an excellent script for a shortfilm.

Writer - Kira Sipler


Project Type:Short Script

Number of Pages:9

Country of Origin:United States

First-time Screenwriter:No

Student Project: No

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