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A Better Place (Short Film Screenplay)


Death is hard for the living to deal with but little Maggie struggles to understand what is happening as she watches every-one comfort each other and how sad they are. She understands that people are upset with death and how it makes people feel. She soon realizes that death can be a blessing for the dead and that is not the end but another chapter. Maggie discovers that love is what is left behind and that we will all meet again. She learns what awaits us is actually a better place.

Our Review:

This story is a unique presentation of a very emotional subject, Death. The writer has handled it very gracefully. Though we get to see this through the eyes of a little girl, it leave us with such a larger than life perception. She is not at ease initially and later she breaks down, reeling in the sorrow of his first glimpses of death. Yet when she gets the answers for what happens to her friend among the thickness of death, it touches our heart, brings a smile on lips and happy tears well up in our eyes. That is what life and life after death is all about. A script worthy for a short film. Good luck.

Writer - Tammy Lynn Boyer


Project Type:Screenplay, Short Script

Number of Pages:5

Country of Origin:Canada


First-time Screenwriter:No

Student Project: No

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