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A Gift From God (Short Film Screenplay)


A seven-year-old boy who enjoys telling jokes tries to weasel his way out of getting baptized when his religiously stern grandmother takes him to a church tent revival.

Our Review

Sadie Miller, a black woman in her 70s, drags her unwilling grandson Israel Billups, a 7 year old black boy to a sermon named 'Spirit Filled Revival' to be baptized.

The lad, unwittingly pukes on the Pastor Revered Gibb's robes and shoes. The Pastor, instead of being kind and considerate, uses harsh words and threatens the little boy. This angers Sadie and she walks away, guilt-laden. Gift from God by Barry Ward, is a realisation that sometimes people/ things may not be what we assume them to be. It's a satire and is aptly named 'Spirit filled revival'.

Writer - Barry Ward

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