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Deep Breath (Short Film Screenplay)


A 20-minute short, dystopian drama following protagonist Holly as she navigates a post-apocalyptic world in a struggle for survival. This primary setting serves as a lonely metaphor for her reality where, in the real world, she lies in a hospital bed, unconscious. As she searches for her friends and family in her world, her real-life husband and son wait anxiously by her bedside.


Our Review

Holly, a wife, mother and an animal lover amidst other thing lives all alone with a dog, cat and horse for company. She's distraught with grief, struggling all alone, trying to cope with the loss of her son and husband. She's tormented by a lot of hallucinations. She ends her life by hanging from a tree.

Holly is hospitalised and is not responding to treatment. David has been advised to let her go peacefully by the doctors. He goes through tough times, dealing with the loss of his wife and trying to take care of a small boy pining for his mother.

The rest of the story is left to the readers imagination. Is Holly still alive? Is she hallucinating while she was seriously ill? Or she isn’t? Deep Breathe by Louise Wilding is worthy of a short film. This deals with the emotional aspect of losing a loved one in a detailed manner and succeeded in passing those emotions to the reader. Kudos!

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