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A career criminal has his identity questioned.

Our Review:

A beautiful telling of a disassociate identity disorder story. The performances are great and the dynamic between these characters felt authentic and each performer seemed to be enlivened by the other. The events are told chronologically with the footage from Rufus present day and the archival footage are edited seamlessly. One person, three different characters with three different stories come together to make one unforgettable film.

The strength of this short film is in its to drive home a point without the need to stretch the narratives or cling to story conventions.

Director - Nicholas Bromund

Director Statement

This movie was made for a competition in Boise, ID. Each filmmaker was given an inmate who served time at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. We were to write a story (fiction/non fiction) about the person and film/edit the movie during the competition dates. Run time couldn’t be any longer than 7 minutes. We filmed this movie in two days and had a tremendous amount of fun doing it. Everything about the character of Rufus is real except for the DID. The names he used and his crimes came from research using his arrest records since we couldn’t find much else.


  • Nicholas Bromund DirectorThe Bodega

  • Nicholas Bromund Writer

  • Nicholas Bromund ProducerThe Bodega

  • Victoria Horn ProducerThe Bodega

  • Erin Westfall Key Cast"Psychiatrist "

  • Alan C Jones Key Cast"Roy Liggins"

  • Hyrum Yeakley Key Cast"Joe Brown"

  • Neb Joyner Key Cast"Ellis Mozee"

  • Eric D Ellis Key Cast"Warden Clapp"

  • Ryan Sorensen Key Cast"Farmer"

  • Aaron Witt Key Cast"Soldier "

  • Max Knudson Key Cast"Store Clerk"

  • Jordan Gore Key Cast"Cop"

  • Alexander Sproule-Fendel Key Cast"Inmate 1"

  • Harley Miranda Key Cast"Inmate 2"

  • Danika Starrharrt Composer

  • Danyale Cook Hair and Makeup

  • Heather Miller Costume Designer

  • Victoria Horn Director of Photography

  • Victoria Horn Editor

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