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In the Dirt (Short Film Screenplay)


When two headstrong women separated by generations collide, a bird call app and community garden become the unlikely remedy.

Writer Biography - Susan G Reid

Susan G. Reid is a director, writer, producer, coach and teacher of actors. Currently an Assistant Professor in TV/Film Directing for GSU’s School of Film, Media and Theatre, Reid is an active member of the Atlanta arts community where she is a leading industry expert and consultant for the southeastern TV/Film community. In addition to workshops and professional industry events that she leads throughout the east coast, Reid also works with Houghton Talent Agency as a special advisor to talent. A former Vice President and Head of the TV/Film Division at Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. and Casting Director for Fox Casting, she holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Directing from the University of North Carolina Greensboro and a Bachelor of Arts from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. She was a past participant in the Lincoln Center Theater Director’s Lab. Directing and writing work includes her short film, Superpower and upcoming In the Dirt. She is a Producer on the feature film, Rejuvenation, led by Tom Luse, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead. Additional directing film credits include Food Justice, a collaborative media piece that documents food inequality, combining resources from Georgia State University, Syracuse University and Clark Atlanta with local not-for-profits Free99Fridge, Food4Life and GSU’s Panther Pantry, the short film, Sighted, winner of the Spotlight Short Film Awards and Artscape 2021, which aired on ATL PBS. Streaming media projects include: Mami Confessions and Nine, winner of Best Director of a Stream. More info @

Our Review

Margaret and Lila seem to have extreme personality and are at times loggerhead with each other. But as the story unfolds, its so clear that they share similar personalities, both strong headed, private, objective and eventually, their bonding blossom beautifully like those Marigolds.This script may pass off initially as another feel-good one with familiar substance, but as the plot progresses,its hard to ignore the makers' sincerity in trying to spread a beautiful message.

Margaret's way of living may not be an ideal choice in today's realistic and fast-paced world, but embracing nature as a way of life also has its benefits, which is what 'In the Dirt' aims to address.There are a couple of tear-kindling scenes in the script, which is also a tribute to the men and women like Margaret who choose to fight for what they believe in.

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