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To escape from everyday life, it's very simple: you need a ladder and a spoon

Our Review:

The right word would be “Cute”. Lovely animation, showcasing technology and other computer-generated visual effects. Music score is lively. The animations are of high professional standard. Though the movie fits so well in the Humor category, there is a strong underlining truth. There is no respite for a tired woman. Even if she gets as far as Saturn & further, she is expected to cook & feed. Doesn’t matter if it’s her husband, children or the Aliens. Even though our Lady takes the endless ladder to run away from her mundane routine, it’s the picture frame of her family that tell us loud where her heart & soul lies. This movie in one word would be “beautiful’.

Director Biography - arthur chays

After starting out in documentaries, with a 52-minute feature film, I moved on to other projects in advertising and fiction. Today I discover the marvelous world of 3D. Spoon is my first animated film.

Director Statement

I don't care if it's in 3D or in live action, as long as I can tell a story.


arthur chays -Director

arthur chays - Writer

Elisabeth Martin - Producer

Chloe Goyard - Key Cast

Maxime Plaisantin - Key Cast

Marie Laroche - Music

Marco Pascal - Sound design

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