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The Colorful Mind of Jayce Dean Parker


A film about boy who's portrait comes to life and leads him to see life through a more colorful eye.

Our Review:

This is film is so full of life. Jayce is talented and creative but extremely shy & introvert. We always come across a Jayce in every stage of our life. At times we assume them to be reluctant and rude. But, this film opens up a totally different perspective that enables one to understand and see what it is to be them. Jayce lack of confidence & insecurity never allowed him to make friends. Person like JD are so unique and vibrant. They spread positively and colour ones life like a rainbow. Portraying JD as a classmate and gradually merging her with the lost portrait towards the end give a perfect closure.

Director Biography - Carley Kormanis

Carley Kormanis studied at John Paul the Great Catholic University, where she majored in Communications Media with an emphasis in Film Production and Directing.

Director Statement

"I believe in making art that impacts culture in a positive manner."


  • Carley KormanisDirector

  • Carley KormanisWriter

  • Paulina BarraganProducer

  • Celeste ArteagaProducer

  • Holden HarrisKey Cast"Jayce Dean Parker"

  • Tina HohmanKey Cast"JD"

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