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The Rough and Tumble


A brief glimpse into the life of of P.I..

Our Review:

Isn't is obvious to assume that life of a detective is fun and exciting? We cannot help it for the number of movies that has influenced to assume so. Rough & tumble portrays the otherwise reality. While it is seldom as "cool" as most outsiders imagine it to be one has to be okay with being alone for long stretches of time. Is it always possible to enjoy being alone and sitting in your car for long stretches of time waiting on something to happen that might never happen? To be able to consistently pay attention to finer details and be ready for almost anything. But unlike filmy effect, this job like any job, has its boring moments too. Life as a private detective is usually challenging, often exciting and at times dangerous. But no two days are exactly the same and that could help to stay motivated and enthusiastic about the work.

To be constantly invading a persons privacy and inching around after them, watching and capturing every move they make might get to some people and make them feel horrid. But for that, if you don’t mind that part of the job, it’s definitely rewarding. The effect of capturing the entire movie is black and white, the background score and cinematography is commendable.

Director Biography - Franklin Carpio

Franklin was born in Cuenca, Ecuador in 1987 to Orlando Carpio and Luisa Patiño. He began his childhood in New York but started middle school in New Jersey, where he began to heavily pursue art. He began with drawing and painting but added photography and video in high school. Franklin attained a Bachelors Degree in Entertainment Design in 2008. After college he continued to pursue filmmaking while mainly working in the service industry. He joined the local I.A.S.T.E. 489 Union in Pittsburgh, in 2020. As of 2022 Franklin resides in Pittsburgh PA, Where he works as a grip on features and T.V. shows filming in the area, as well as filming short films and working on his first feature.


  • Franklin CarpioDirector"Breathe", "Being Frank"

  • Franklin CarpioWriter"Breathe", "Being Frank"

  • Curtis CadwellWriter

  • Franklin CarpioProducer"Breathe", "Being Frank"

  • Curtis CadwellKey Cast"P.I."

  • Matt SeibelKey Cast"Rosco"


Project Type:Short

Genres:Detective, Thriller, Noir

Runtime:7 minutes 4 seconds

Completion Date:January 2, 2022

Production Budget:500 USD

Country of Origin:United States

Country of Filming:United States


Shooting Format:Digital

Film Color:Black & White

First-time Filmmaker:No

Student Project: No

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