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Waiting For Margot


While getting ready for a date, Martin gets a surprise visit from his own anxiety. Things go downhill quickly.

Told through the inner voices of a high-functioning anxious man, this film examines the eye-opening anxiety surrounding even the most straightforward daily events.

Our Review

This short film gives viewers a real-life glimpse into the anxieties faced every day by millions who have uncontrollable fear. Anxieties that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We all know it's only in the head and not true, but how does one let it go? Most of the time it's difficult to even share these for fear of being laughed at. The film presents his story of anxiety through many moments of conflicts within himself that add up to the movie's thought-provoking plot. The location, set, camera, and editing are all commendable.

Director Statement

Waiting For Margot is a 100% solo short film that kept me quite occupied for a year and a half during the pandemic. It pushed me in a variety of ways; creatively, technically, and emotionally. Margot not only helped me learn all the little things that go into the making of a film, but helped me confront some of the powerful feelings stemming from the uncertainty of life over the past three years. Making this movie was a trip inward; I'm finally ready to put it out there.


  • Chris Barber

  • Chris Barber

  • Chris Barber

  • Chris Barber

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