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Wen Lambo (Short Film Screenplay)


When Alexa initiates a cheeky plan to rip off a luxury car at a dealership, she unwittingly starts a Rube Goldberg Machine of horrific consequences.

  • James Wicks Writer

Our Review

“Wen Lambo” by James Wicks presents a compelling narrative ripe for adaptation into a short film. The plot revolves around the concept of karma and its inevitable return. Alexa, driven by audacity and greed, hatches a plan to steal a Lamborghini from a dealership. In the event of an emergency, her accomplice and lover, Anthony, is ready to assist, signaled by the codeword ‘Machete’.

However, their plan takes a dark turn due to a vengeful act by a disgruntled employee who rigs the driver’s seat with a deadly knife mechanism. As Alexa takes her seat, the device activates, severely injuring her. Anthony manages to momentarily neutralize the arriving police, but he too faces a gruesome fate. Unbeknownst to him, another trap is set: a blade hidden within the steering column and a mechanism designed to thrust the seat forward, which fatally wounds him.

This story captures a tense and dramatic escalation of events, illustrating a stark tale of retribution where every action triggers a lethal consequence.

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