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On a turbulent night, a destitute man obtains a deserted wallet full of money, only to find the owner observing him closely. To his surprise, the brooding owner implores him to keep the purse as apparently, he won’t be needing it anymore. It is revealed that the latter intends to commit suicide before the dawn. All alone in the still of the night, It is up to the poor, yet compassionate man to convince the grief-stricken stranger to change his mind before it is too late.

Director Biography - Sagnik Dutta Gupta

A 25 year old Indian NIT graduate with a work experience in a big 4 firm, currently a full-time student at IIM Calcutta. As a lifelong cinephile, I have watched over 4000 films, but 'Porityag' (Abandonment) is my first proper venture into the genre of short films. Credit goes to my entire team for making my dream possible. It is really encouraging to see that my debut work has the power to resonate across global barriers, winning hearts at over 140 prestigious film festivals from 25+ countries, garnering more than 90 accolades. This unexpected success has unarguably inspired me to further carve out my niche and present newer and better stories in front of the world.

Director Statement

The film deals with some socially relevant topics like grief, depression, mental health, suicide and the meaning of life in general. While handling such important themes, it is necessary to toe the line between treating the viewers with respect and not spelling every nuance out for them, and at the same time not be too artsy just for the sake of it. Our zero budget short is also a little unique considering the sparse dialogue and complete absence of music. We created a dark, looming and lonely visual palette to fit the mood of the story. It is our sincere hope that this refreshing tale of two woebegone strangers meeting each other on a fateful night, will strike a chord with our audience.


  • Sagnik Dutta Gupta Director

  • Sagnik Dutta Gupta Writer

  • Sagnik Dutta Gupta Producer

  • Arghya Roy Key Cast “Thief” Satyanweshi Byomkesh, Mitin Mashi

  • Soham Guha Pattader Key Cast “Suicidal Man” Dwitiyo Purush

  • Sankha De Cinematographer

  • Suvo Bhattacharjee Sound

  • Pranotosh Mandal Editing


  • Project Title (Original Language): পরিত্যাগ (Porityag)

  • Project Type: Short, Student

  • Runtime: 15 minutes

  • Production Budget: 300 USD

  • Country of Origin: India

  • Country of Filming: India

  • Language: Bengali

  • Shooting Format: DSLR

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: Yes

  • Student Project: Yes - IIM Calcutta

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