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Blood and Water


Logline: When a mysterious accident involving her best friend occurs, 16-year-old Hailey Greene bends the trust in order to protect her upper-middle-class family's reputation. As the situation grows more dire, Hailey finds herself at the Intersection of truth and loyalty, and must decide before fate chooses for her.

Our Review

BLOOD AND WATER by Jane Simonetti combines a stellar non linear screenplay with fine editing to produce such an engaging story which keeps watchers guessing every moment. Every character has a strong punch to them, every line delivered has a meaning to the story and its set up. The desperate attempt of the main character's family to sweep a determining moment in her life under the carpet is strongly set up across the movie. Each actor played their part beautifully. Amazing cinematography, storyline, music editing, sound design, etc. Such a captivating watch!



• Jane Simonetti


• Molly Mulligan


• Roxy Cowan for “Polterguest”

Key Cast:

• Marit Aurin as “Hailey Greene”

• Darren M Brown as “Detective MacIntyre”

• Anne Shcreiber as “Tanya Greene”

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