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Blue People


A lonely girl living in a fantasy world, primary Avatar by James Cameron, is forced to work with an overtly optimistic extrovert who is intent on understanding who the girl really is.

Our Review

It’s hard to describe the effect created watching ‘Blue people’ by Micah Seidel in just a few lines. This short film is powerful, intense, and most thought-provoking short film that display realistic emotions of human mind. When you stop and think about it, the film is brilliantly executed, it’s funny and sad sometimes within a single scene. Beautiful acting by both Angie Catt & Natalie Radu. The film could have been a bit shorter by few minutes.

Director Biography - Micah Seidel

I'm a 18 year old documentary and fiction filmmaker from Highland Park, NJ. I've been making movies for 7 years and I try to tell stories that are fun and meaningful.

Director Statement

About a year ago I watched a scene from How To with John Wilson, a hilarious and amazingly profound documentary series, in which a fan group of the movie Avatar met up and talked about how much the movie meant to them and had changed their lives. They also talked about how the movie had made them extremely depressed because it had shown them a beautiful alien world that they couldn’t live in. The scene was both extremely sad and funny. I imagined how embarrassing it must be for someone to admit how a “dumb” movie like Avatar had such a great effect on them, despite the fact that I, and many others, also felt the same way after seeing Avatar. After the first movie came out in 2009, many fans reported experiencing “Post-Avatar Depression” and even having suicidal thoughts because they wanted to live on Pandora. After seeing the movie, their real lives and the real world felt gray, disgusting and meaningless when compared to the film.

Even if most people don’t want to escape into the world from Avatar specifically, I’m sure almost everyone can relate to wanting to escape their lives into a world that is completely different.

The main character in this movie, Alex, doesn’t care much about the world she lives in, and she is forced to work Olivia, someone who does. However both of them want more from their lives than what they currently have, and they go about achieving that in different ways. I, and many others I know, have been both of these people. I hope portraying them honestly can be entertaining and helpful to others who feel discouraged or embarrassed about feeling the same way.

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