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A mockumentary, detective-drama-comedy short film. Made as graduation project of students from IMPRO Acting school in Israel made with a low budget, laid on the goodness of kind Professional people whom believed it is possible to make it happen... Yoram is just a guy that got the anxiety of flight and now he has to fly to London to get an inheritance of not less than 2 Million pounds from his aunt who passed away. He got less than 24 hours to sign the paperwork and if not the money will be transfer to his aunt's favorite charity PETS FOR LIFE. He is boarding on the plane....

As the flight stewardess Osnat Tessa said: "When shit happens, it happens big time!!!! Look, it's a matter of luck net. You can be at home, watching football on TV and you can drive your car and suddenly, BOOM! A Kassam rocket hit your house and it's all over. That's how lucky it might be; only Yoram did not stay at home". This short film is all about Social tolerance and accepting the unusual in our society.

Director Biography - Alon Newman

Alon Newman - FilmFreeway Alon Newman Award winning writer, director, and producer. Juror at the 43rd annual International Emmy Awards, 2015. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, served in the Air Force and the began a career in graphic design, amassing 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising. In 2005, he decided to make a change in his career and studied cinema. Since then he has written, directed and produced numerous films. Alon is the founder of DonkeyShot Film Group, a collective of film and television creators, who aim to promote and strengthen the independent cinema of Israel. DonkeyShot Film Group has produced many short films that have won awards in festivals around the world. Their first film, AntiVirus, has also gained worldwide recognition with its many awards from international film festivals. At DonkeyShot, Alon is the head of the writer’s room, and has written for feature films as well as producing and directing the newest feature, The Composer. Alon was chosen by Steven Lambert and Robert Yahnke to direct the sixth installment of the American Ninja franchise, Joe: The Resurrection.


  • Alon Newman Director AntiVirus, Roof Story, Brother in arms

  • Alon Nreman Writer AntiVirus, Roof Story, Brother in arms

  • Alon Newman Producer AntiVirus, Roof Story, Brother in arms

  • Matan Melech Producer AntiVirus


  • Project Title (Original Language): חרדת שחקים

  • Project Type: Short, Student, Other

  • Genres: Mokomentary, Detective, drama, comedy, thriller

  • Runtime: 5 minutes

  • Completion Date: January 1, 2014

  • Production Budget: 1,000 USD

  • Country of Origin: Israel

  • Country of Filming: Israel

  • Language: English, Hebrew

  • Shooting Format: DSLR

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: No

  • Student Project: Yes


  • Smile festival Madrid, Spain March 6, 2015 festival's premiere Best international short

  • Golden Diana Awards Klopeiner See - Austria August 27, 2015 Austria Bronze Diana

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