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When Terry turns to garden gnomes to cope with a tragic accident, things start to go south when a pet fish is introduced.

Our Review

With all the happiness that life has to offer, there are vast moments of sadness that come with it.

Short film like these can bring you into worlds with fictional characters like the gnomes and Raphael Cosme has carried it out right, which enables us to the pain and sorrow of Terry.

Loss, grief, and heartbreak are cold, hard facts of life that eventually no one can avoid.

Olivia Montalbano has delivered an outstanding performance.

Director Biography - Raphael Cosme

Growing up in St. Augustine, Florida, Raphael Cosme began showcasing his filmmaking voice on Youtube on the channel "Kaijuzilla621" where he made a bunch of fan-films ranging from Godzilla to Jurassic Park. His first feature length films were Mushino and Godzilla Apex which combined are over 4 hours long. Most of these projects were made up of many people from all over the world that he directed over Discord. When he attended Jacksonville University that's where he began directing entire crews in person. “Gnomes” is the first original film he's directed. “Gnomes” has been recently nominated by the American Society of Cinematographers for the Student Heritage Graduate Award 2023. Raphael has graduated from Jacksonville University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Humanities.

Director Statement

The way the clock resets on new waves of filmmaking I believe in this era where we can post our work for the world to see on social media that the next generation of filmmakers will come from places like YouTube. I hope to be a part of that wave since I've grown my filmmaking profile on YouTube for the past 10 years.


• Director: Raphael Cosme

• Writer: Raphael Cosme

• Writer: Richard Manzo

• Key Cast “Terry”: Olivia Montalbano

• Key Cast “Gnome”: Scot Scurlock

• Key Cast “Susie”: Anna Fleece

• Key Cast “Sister”: Ainslee Nipper

• Cinematography: Borneo Sedeu Nishevikj

• Music: Remixsample

• VFX: Christopher McGlothlin

• Boom Operator: Gabriel Simoneau

• Boom Operator: Charles Smyrk

• Editor: Raphael Cosme

• Sound Design: Raphael Cosme

• Location: Morgan Derbecker

• Makeup: Taylor Gonzalez

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