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This is the fictional story of the journalist David McAllister. But the fiction is reality and becomes it more often – worldwide. In pursuance of his vocation the british journalist McAllister is arrested and imprisoned, the article of accusation: Conspiracy to high treason, data abuse, terroristic propaganda and stirring up the population. The authoritarian regime, the autocratic government is about to make an example of him. HIStory is contemporary history and his story, the one of David McAllister and the one of hundreds of journalists, media house representatives and human rights activists worldwide, who do research, report and inform independently and who, more often than not, risk their lives doing it. A life that needs to be justified to the world, to one’s family and to the own conscience.

Director Biography - Alex van Ric "HIStory" is the first film directed by Alex van Ric. Alex is acutally an actor trained in London, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. 2015 – 2016 GFCA London – Giles Foreman Centre for Acting London, UK: Part I to Part IV - Movement Psychology & Character Analysis. The Acting Technique by Yat Malmgren (Founder of Drama Center London, UK), based on Laban's Movement Psychology. Part I: Basic Components; Part II: Inner Attitudes; Part III: Externalised Drives; Part IV: Confluence of Externalised Drive, taught by: Giles Foreman, Barbara Fischer, Janet Amsden and Christopher Fettes (Co-Founder of Drama Center London, UK) 2014 – 2016 GFCA London – Giles Foreman Centre for Acting UK: MASTERCLASSES with Roberta Wallach (Actors Studio New York, Black Nexxus Acting Studio New York, USA) 2015 GFCA Paris – Giles Foreman Centre for Acting France: MASTERCLASS with Liana Nyquist (UAL-University of Arts London, Drama Center London, UK), Analysis of Character Movement, The Animal behind the Character 2015 GFCA London – Giles Foreman Centre for Acting UK: MASTERCLASS with Liana Nyquist (UAL-University of Arts London, Drama Center London, UK), Analysis of Character Movement, Animal into Character 2013 – 2015 GFCA London – Giles Foreman Centre for Acting UK: International Acting Masterclasses with Giles Foreman 2014 Schott Acting Studio Berlin, Germany: Lena Lessing (Germany) Beats & Actions I+II, the Susan Batson Concept 2013 – 2014 Schott Acting Studio Berlin, Germany: Animal Work, Character Work, Scene Work and Ensemble Work, with Paul 'Henry' Miller (Drama Centre, London, UK) 2013 Michael Chekhov International Academy, Studio Hamburg, Germany: Michael Chekhov Acting Studio Hamburg, Everything is Gesture, with Ulrich Meyer-Horsch 2013 First Take Schauspielakademie Cologne, Germany: First Take Schauspielakademie Cologne (Germany) Giles Foreman (GFCA London, Drama Centre London, UK), Character Analysis & Movement Psychology 2011 – 2013 Schauspielausbildung und Training Köln, Germany: Method acting & acting training also for the camera with Katarina Kramer, Makke Schneider, Ewa Kowalczyk, Karin Punitzer; Cologne -Germany

Director Statement

Being an actor actually I came to directing and making this film like falling into its lap somehow. Like many of us I sat a lot at home during the corona pandemic lockdown, sometimes hopeful, sometimes desperate, sometimes inspired and sometimes depressed; not only just because my professional life seemed to have come to a halt but also, even because the world seemed to be on pause, alarming news concerning the freedom of speech and the disregard of the human rights spread the world from all over the world. Reading these news and observing these occurrences made me remember a small micro play I wrote years ago - and never touched it again after the crash of my theatre adventure with it at that time because I was so depressed afterwards. Surprisingly enough in a time when desperation and depression widespread I got that thing back out of the drawer and decided to turn it into a screenplay and to make a film out of it. It was my first time ever to direct , to write a screenplay and actually the first time doing it all on my own. I shot this movie in the cellar of the house where I live as a stand-alone one man film crew. During the lockdown that the only thing that was possible so I did it. It was an experiment. Often I didn’t know what I was doing; I had an idea, a vision and pictures in my mind and I just kept doing, trusting on the things I know and trusting on my instinct to fill in the gaps of what I don’t know, at least not consciously - and frankly, more often than not I probably didn't even know it subconciously, but I cannot be sure about this; of course a lot was trying out again and again. Et voilá! That’s it for now – it's not perfect my first film but it was an adventure, it was an experience, it is an experiment and the process still goes on." -Alex van Ric


  • Alex van Ric Director

  • Alex van Ric Writer

  • Alex van Ric Producer

  • Alex van Ric Key Cast "David McAllister"


  • Project Type: Short

  • Genres: Drama

  • Runtime: 25 minutes

  • Completion Date: June 15, 2021

  • Production Budget: 250 EUR

  • Country of Origin: Germany

  • Country of Filming: Germany

  • Language: English

  • Shooting Format: Digital Sony Alpha 6300

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: Yes

  • Student Project: No

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