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Nowhere To Go


Kidé is a New York kid with a camera who love to take photos around his community. As his photos begin to gain recognition, he's given a choice to protect his neighborhood or go out on his own.

Our Review

Nowhere to Go features some really good visuals, music, acting and dialogues. The storyline talks about a budding photographer who can't get his career started due to a neighbourhood problem. The emotions are well portrayed. Nowhere to Go is a good watch in terms of cinematography and camera work, which is amazingly done. The editing for this movie is impeccably done.

Director Biography - Aaron Murray Vazquez

Aaron Murray Vazquez is a prolific NYC based film director and photographer whose work mixes natural elements, intimate moments and surreal imagery. He’s earned 12 years of experience directing commercials, photoshoots, music videos, documentaries, and short films for large companies and indie groups alike. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Rolling Stone, etc.

Director Statement

My short follows a young photographer as he navigates the difficulties of loving and leaving a tough Brooklyn neighborhood they grew up in. This short features up-and-comer IJ Meach to play Jaylen to introduce a fresh new face in the scene. And Grammy-nominated, 3x platinum recording artist, Harlem native, and my long time collaborator, Ro James as Zeke. The original score which is an integral part of the short was created by another Grammy award winning artist, Joao Gonzalez.

A lot of the movie is based on my personal history. Getting out of a tough neighborhood in Texas through photography. Moving to a tougher neighborhood in New York, and learning to love it. There is so much of New York that serves as a backdrop in this short and so much more planned on being explored in the feature, especially with New York being its own character.

The film features vibrant colors and cinematic framing, resembling the films of Spike Lee and Paul Thomas Anderson. But will also feature quiet moments with humor that resembles the films of Sofia Coppola and Greta Gerwig. This short film represents a slice of the full story that we hope to continue telling while also being a compelling story in itself.

This film at the core is an intimate coming of age introduction of our protagonist heading in an opposite direction of his home but what makes it standout for is his journey is set against the backdrop of his neighborhood which has been historically underserved but is now receiving a favorable spotlight. It allows me to explore idea of art and influence, specifically, how does a community deal with a genius born among them being pulled away by a bigger world? It’s a story of hope, fear, and opportunity. And what you do with opportunity to escape when everything in the world you know is telling you you have nowhere to go.



• Aaron Murray Vazquez


• Aaron Murray Vazquez


• Aaron Murray Vazquez

• Blake Rice

Key Cast:

• Ro James as “Zeke”

• IJ Meach as “Kidé”

• Solena Botsford as “Lana”

• Alfronto as “Big Brother Dev”

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