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Toccata, Continental Harp and Band report


An animated music video for an orchestral work by the late composer Eric Stokes. The musical notation specifies that the wind section play the notes without blowing, this creating a distinctive percussive sound. The video is created entirely with photographic, stop motion animation techniques to bring the instrumentation of this unusual piece to life.

Our Review

This short film by Benjamin Stokes is both a visual as well as auditory delights. Visually stunning and spectacular frames with interesting composition of colour and light is a visually treat. The sound track is remarkably touching as it brings imagery, dreamy, surreal and otherworldly feelings.

Director Biography

As a visual artist, Director & VJ, Stokes has designed live shows and directed music videos for artists including Janelle Monaé, Nine Inch Nails, M.I.A., De La Soul, Public Enemy, and DJ Shadow. Stokes has also designed large scale multi media projections for SF City Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Century Plaza Hotel & the Antartica Dome at Coachella.

Director Statement

Experimentation leads to everything creative that I've ever done.

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