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Fins (Short Film Screenplay)


An old man, grieving the loss of his wife, meets a mythological creature on the beach while out walking - a bond is formed between them and they help each other to see the beauty of their different worlds.

With sweet relationships, funny moments, plus heart wrenching lines, "Fins" is a really exciting project that needs to be made!

With a limited cast number and locations, plus an ambitious amphibian costume idea - this script is one that will charm you all the way to the last page.

Our Review:

How most of us would have wished and wanted to meet, a creature or two that would pop out and surprise us. The script Fins tells the story of one of the most spoken mythical creature, the Mermaids. Some times it doesn't matter what's said is it's true or not, but all that matters is how well it's said. Fins is one such story that expands the possibility of humans to connect with nature beyond our imagination. Fins is a playful script that narrates the story of a grieving elderly man, his family and his new found friendship, which sees mythical figure from fairy tales living in the contemporary society.

Writer Biography - R.Evans R.Evans is a writer, artist, and video/film maker. She prides herself in creating quality films from start to finish. She has previously created a number of fabulous music videos which can be found on, and her first Short Film "Chance Encounter" which she co-directed, was shortlisted for Cardiff Film Festival in 2017. Her first solo time completely directing, producing, and writing a short film, "Early Departure" resulted in a number of laurels from international film festivals, including a feminist film festival in Taiwan!

Writer Statement "I'm really excited to bring "Fins" to you - I genuinely feel it's my best work and I look forward to sharing it with the world!"


  • Project Type: Screenplay, Short Script

  • Genres: sci-fi, mythological, drama, comedy, sweet

  • Number of Pages: 14

  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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