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Ink & Quill (Short Film Screenplay)


Written by Alex Martins also known as A. Alico Favela Kid When a hopeless romantic poet discovers that his girlfriend is stealing his poetry, he must make a decision: to fight for their love or, choose himself and his voice. Dwight and Amanda both have a love for one another as well as for words, (poetry) each creative in their own way. That is until Dwight finds out that Amanda begins to steal his poetry and call it her own. Both were struggling to get noticed for their creative gifts. Dwight is blinded by love, he doesn’t want to lose Amanda. He is desperate to save their relationship. Amanda however deceitful and dishonest has plans of her own. In this journey of heartbreak and betrayel, in a war of emotions and expression where the stakes are High for self worth and love who will get the last word.

Our Review:

Plagiarism is a burning issue and every industry suffers the risk of losing their creative work or scientific one. Ink & quill is an interesting script. More emotions but less drama. The main characters Dwight & Amanda as so contrasting though they share similar interest. The choices Amanda makes blinded by vane glamour and greed. Dwight & Amanda being poles apart, the story takes interesting twists & turns & who doesn't like the good one winning at the end!!!

Writer Biography - Alex Martins

My name is Alex Martins I immigrated to the United States from Brazil when I was six years old. I was brought here to escape an abusive alcoholic father, the rough streets and poverty of Brazil. Being an immigrant in America has significantly shaped my life. For years I found it difficult to express myself in the words I wanted growing up due to the language barrier. Along with many other disadvantages I found it hard to fit in. So, I expressed myself in other ways, one being art. I started with drawing, then as I got older it progressed into poetry. My imagination was something that was always hard for me to contain. I was always a dreamer. I began writing books, using my imagination to create stories that not only I could enjoy but also the reader. I recently began pouring my passion into acting. Becoming someone different has always been an escape to me in my past, but in films it’s something I actually enjoy being able to control when to turn on and off. I recently started writing scripts, and was determined to bring them to life. I put a team together on each project and we worked however long it took to make sure it was perfect. Some of the films I wrote are Samsara, Art, and Sunny Day. I co-produced and played the main actor in all 3 films. Each role was significantly different then the other, but had the same satisfied feeling of completion when they were done. I hope to be able to further this.

Writer Statement

I love you because you love me for me You love my dreams which are our dreams You belived in me when no one did You love our future because you see us both in it You are my past present and eternity A. Alico Favela Kid


  • Alex Martins Writer Samsara, Art, Smile On and Sunny Day


  • Project Type: Short Script

  • Number of Pages: 18

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

  • First-time Screenwriter: No

  • Student Project: No

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